Chamber Scholars Program

Apply HERE for for the 2022 Chamber Scholars scholarship.

Applications will open Monday, March 21 and will close Friday, April 8, 2022.


Dear High School Senior, 

The Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer the Chamber Scholars Program to graduating seniors in Bolivar County. Please review the Chamber Scholars criteria below to determine your eligibility. The scholarship is in the amount of $400 and is to be used toward your tuition at the school of your choice. We want each and every eligible graduating senior that plans to further their education to apply.  


Please take your time filling out the form, as every year scholarship applications are disqualified due to the fact the applicant has not included all necessary documents. If need be, please get someone to help you with your application so that you can submit the best of yourself to the committee.  Take your time and think about the reason that you are applying and then write your brief essay in the space provided on the application.


It is through the support of Chamber of Commerce members that we are able to offer the Chamber Scholars program.  Without the continued support of Chamber members, we would not be able to recognize graduating seniors who give the best of themselves academically and in community service.


Again, please be sure and apply!  Remember:  The only thing keeping you from doing and being what you want is YOU.  There is a way to further your education and getting this scholarship is a great start.




Jeffrey Farris

President, Cleveland Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce



1.  Student must be enrolled in one of the following accredited high schools in Bolivar County:

  • Bayou Academy

  • Cleveland Central High School 

  • McEvans School
  • Northside High School 

  • West Bolivar High School 

2. The child of an employee of the Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce is not eligible to apply.

3. Each high school in the district represented by valid applications will have a minimum of one scholarship awarded. 

4. Each student applying must meet all the requirements as established by the scholarship committee. 



The following is a list of the criteria for the Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award.

1.  A minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 system.

2.  A minimum score of 18 on the ACT OR a minimum score of 860 on the SAT

The student will have to email the following information to complete the application to

1. A copy of their high school transcript 

2. Any other test scores which they think will improve their application 

3. Two (2) character reference letters from NON-relatives

One of your references must include a high school teacher and the other must be someone who is not in the teaching profession.  These references must have known you for at least two years and their letters should state that fact.

4. A copy of a resume, listing involvement in clubs, teams, extracurricular organizations, leadership roles, academic or employment achievements, or other details that would boost the application

In your email, please put your name in the subject line and attach all documents to one email. 


Leadership Qualities

  1. Held a Student Government Office

  2. Athletic Participation

  3. Club Leadership

  4. Supervisory experience in employment


  1. Youth involvement (attendance in retreats, fund-raising, choir, etc.)

  2. Recognition by peers (Best All Around, Most Likely to Succeed, etc.)

  3. Achievement in non-school activities (Scout programs- merit badges earned etc.)

  4. Selection to attend Boys/ Girls State, Civic Club camps etc.

  5. Two (2) letters of character reference from non-relatives (one (1) from a teacher and one (1) from someone who is not a teacher) who have known the student for two years.

Academic Achievements

  1. Grades/ difficulty of courses taken

  2. Honor Roll

  3. National Honor Society or other Scholastic Honor Society Membership

  4. Awards won in science fairs, interscholastic academic competitions, etc.

  5. Recognition by outside groups for intellect (National Merit Scholar, etc.)

Community /School Involvement

  1. Participation in scholastic extracurricular activities and recognition therein (All Stars, All County team, awards for yearbook design, etc.)

  2. Employment

  3. Volunteer work for the community (United Way agencies, hospital, nursing homes, etc.)

  4. Volunteer work for school (car washes, bake sales, other fund-raising activities)


Apply for the 2022 Chamber Scholars Award via Google form.

Applications will open Monday, March 21 and will close Friday, April 8, 2022.


If you have any questions about the application process call the Chamber of Commerce at 662-843-2712 or email