A Strong Support System

Bolivar County has a strong support system for delivering skilled workers. Customized training programs are available through the County’s two secondary vocational-technical training centers and two fully accredited community colleges, located within an easy commute. Once an industry has made a firm commitment to locate in Bolivar County, the division of Workforce Education at the local community colleges – Coahoma Community College, or Mississippi Delta Community College’s Capps Technology Center-can coordinate the project and follow through.

All You Need

Provide customized training on demand to new and existing businesses and industries

• Improve the quality of products being produced within these businesses

• Decrease production costs

• Increase flexibility in manufacturing systems

• Increase speed in adapting to change

• Provide consistent and constant improvement of the workforce to increase profitability

Workforce Education Project Managers work closely with businesses to design and present the type of training that is needed by the client. Training is presented only after extensive collaboration with the client to determine the exact needs of the business and the outcomes expected. For example:

– Pre-employment training for those with no experience in the private enterprise system
– Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) testing – a nationally recognized credential and statewide initiative to document the skills of Mississippi’s workforce
– Short-term, intense skills training

For specific industries or firms within the district, we provide:

  • Job analysis, testing and curriculum development

  • Development of specific long-range training plans

  • Industry or firm-related pre-employment training

  • Customized skills training

  • Assistance in developing the capacity for Total Quality Management training: 

Training is on a cost-share basis. The cost of training for a business will depend upon the type and complexity of the training. Once training topics, mode of delivery, content, outcomes, and length of time are determined, the Workforce Education Project Manager will inform the business of the total cost of the training program. The primary funding source is the Mississippi Community College Board, along with other governmental entities. Consequently, the training is provided at a drastically reduced cost to the business.